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Connecting business leaders

The UK’s most ambitious schemes focused on
driving up productivity and business growth

Be the Business offers 3 programmes, backed by government and partners to provide access to relevant skills, experience and fresh perspectives vital for long term business improvement.

The Mentoring Programme matches leaders from small- and medium-sized businesses with expert mentors from some of the UK’s leading companies.  Mentoring runs for either 12-weeks or 12 months - whichever best suits the businesses needs. In both, the business leader will be matched with an experienced mentor who will act as their sounding board and critical friend for whatever challenges they may face.

The Board Programme brings together 5 senior managers from both leading corporates and successful small businesses to form a non-exec style board. The board supports two different businesses over the course of a year. Each business leader benefits from a board with a range of skills, experiences and perspectives, acting together as a sounding board, critical friend and thought partner.

12 Month Mentoring

Over the course of 12 months, our Mentoring programme will help you develop your business strategy and build your leadership skills working with an experienced mentor. Your mentor will offer support and advice on long-term growth and strategy for your business.

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12 Week Mentoring

Our 12 week Mentoring programme has been designed for business leaders who want to work right now on shorter-term business goals or challenges. Your mentor will act as a sounding board for current business decisions and immediate priorities, and support in the development of future strategies.

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Be the Business Boards

Our 12 month programme has been designed for leaders of small and medium sized businesses who are looking for an outside perspective; who may be facing big decisions, opportunities or challenges. Board members will have a range of skillsets, sectors and backgrounds to provide different perspectives.

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Having a mentor creates a state of mind and the infrastructure necessary for your business to flourish.
 Jurga Zilinskiene MBE, CEO Guildhawk

Mentoring should be a part of your everyday life, part of who you are as a leader.
 Joanna Swash, CEO, Moneypenny

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